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Mini Sewing Machine

Mini Sewing Machine

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Compact, portable and lightweight, this silai machine with thread set is ideal for all your sewing needs


Mini Stitch Machine are always in the smashing hit list of truly handy products. And gradually, these tools have earned immense popularity from the masses. In the past decade. They have seen so many alterations in their manufacturing styles. The first ever made large sized stitching machine especially designed for home usages. So. They were not likely to be portable. Today, almost every popular brand has a product category of quality stitching tools and that too within every individual's pocket capacity. Those who are fond of stitching arts will surely be happy owning one best in class Stitch Machine. Thus, they do not need to shell out much money and can carry on their art work without any trouble. For a novice, these machines usually come up with basic stitching styles and less complexity, as good things do come in tiny packages, so a mini and compact stitching tool is way better for every situation. They not only meet the exact needs of the purchasers but also facilitate them with portability and affordability sides. A great good variety is there in this particular category in every brand's catalogue, you just have to choose the perfect one keeping your most wanted generic and dream features in your mind, Even there are fully computerized, electric and cordless stitching tools available in the market. 



  • Easy stitching- Mini Stitch machines are great for beginner sewing projects.  If you're looking for your first stitch machine, a mini sewing machine might be the best choice for you. Mini stitch machines allow for easy startup and are easy to use right out of the box.  Most mini stitch machines come with all of the required bobbins, and needles necessary to begin stitch immediately.  Its easy stitch selection and ready to go features make it the perfect selections for first sewing machines.
  • It’s lightweight-These small, portable machines have been reviewed to create even stitches. They are great for lightweight sewing and paper crafting.
  • It’s low-priced -Mini stitch machines have most of the features of a full-size machine and at just a fraction of the cost.  This makes this an ideal pick for beginner sewing, first sewing machines and small projects.


Frequently asked questions:

How do I sew denim and heavy fabrics?

To sew denim, we recommend that you use a Mini Stitch Machines. Using another brand of needle can cause tension issues. You will need to set the machine for a straight stitch with the length regulated between 4 and 5 to allow the thread to wrap around the extra thickness of fabric. You will also get better results if you use the metal all-purpose foot that was originally attached to the shank when you took the machine out of the box. If you want to use topstitching thread, use it in the upper tension only; use regular all-purpose thread in the bobbin.

Why is my bobbin not winding evenly?

A.If your bobbin is winding unevenly, it’s possible you have not placed the thread correctly around the bobbin winding tension spring. If you believe the thread is placed correctly, please try wrapping the thread around the tension spring a second time – a common practice among avid sewers.

If none of the troubleshooting techniques above solved the issue, please contact a Mini Stitch Machine Service Center, so they can adjust the tension for you!


I Can’t see the take-up lever?


The take-up lever is not visible to the eye; it is hidden behind the front panel of your machine. Make sure the needle is at the highest position, slip the thread into the opening between the front cover at the top of the machine, pull the thread down behind the lever and then pull it towards you, the take-up lever will then thread itself. The take-up lever has an opening at the back that allows the thread to slip into it from behind.


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